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The objective of the Investment Committee is to evaluate financing applications.

At each monthly meeting, potential financing clients are presented by Rise to the committee. Rise follows a character based lending approach. Each member contributes to the approval discussions – leveraging their industry knowledge and experience to explore the viability and sustainability of the businesses reviewed.

As we are expanding our network across the province, we maintain our loan fund and financing decisions centralized through our Investment Committee in Toronto, while creating a collaborative network of agencies across the province to encourage and promote self employment as a viable option to individuals with a history of mental health or addiction challenges.

Rise periodically recruits new members to sit on the Investment Committee. If you are interested in being considered for committee membership, please submit an application.

Investment Committee Members Offer

Recommendations on investment proposals and the overall investment risk portfolio

Investment Committee Members Commit

  • 1 in person or via conference call committee meeting monthly (2 hours per month)
  • 2-4 hours reviewing business plans monthly
  • 1 year commitment

Investment Committee Members Gain

  • The ability to impact lives by helping Individuals to realize their entrepreneurial ambitions
  • A chance to make a difference by helping to reduce stigma
  • The opportunity to give back
  • Access to restricted Hub content

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