Staff & Board of Directors

Jodi Butts

CEO, Rise Asset Development

Justin Carter

Business Advisor, Digital Lead (London)

Sarah Conway

Business Advisor (Kingston)

Beth Dea

Chief Operating Officer

Steven Cope

Business Advisor (Toronto)

Lana Hann

Business Advisor (Ottawa)

Kimber Kunimoto

Youth Small Business Program Lead

Geff Stutman

Mentorship Program & Strategic Projects Lead

Working with Rise clients has been a rewarding and inspirational experience. Through their skill and determination, supported by Rise financing and business mentoring, Rise clients are creating sustainable businesses for themselves, working to repair damaged credit and transitioning from government supports.

Sally Wilkie

Program Manager

Carolyn Burke

Director, Board of Directors

Rise excites me most because it sits at the sweet spot of the Rotman School’s strengths (business strategy, innovation, and financing), and my commitment and the school’s to the health system and public policy. Add to that the opportunity to work with so many great partners and clients, this is where I want to give my time.

Dr. Brian Golden

Director, Board of Directors

Rod Lohin

Treasurer, Board of Directors

Robert J. McGuire

Chair, Board of Directors

Sandra Rotman

Vice Chair, Board of Directors

David R. Smith

Director, Board of Directors

John Trainor

Secretary, Board of Directors

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Rise Asset Development
105 St. George Street
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647 232 RISE (7473)

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1 855 464 RISE (7473)


Ottawa Region


613 725 3494 (ext. 118)


London Region


519 659 2882 ext. 225


Kingston Region


613 544 9056