Rise Asset Development’s Group Lending for Small Business is a program designed to provide microfinancing and mentorship to groups of entrepreneurs with mental health or addiction challenges.

Program Details

Rise works with community agencies to identify and form groups of entrepreneurs, assisting small business owners through access to finances and services for their businesses.

The program delivers financial products to lending groups composed of 3-6 borrowers.

Rise connects the borrowers to business mentors in the community, in addition to encouraging members of the groups to motivate, support and learn from each other.

Rise hosts monthly group sessions with small business owners to track their progress.

Eligible Participants

Have experienced mental health and/or addiction challenges

Are unable to access mainstream financing from banks due to problems in their financial history

Have a practical, full or part time small business idea, and business or action plan

Have interest in being part of a small group of like-minded entrepreneurs for peer support

Are eligible to receive Rise financing

To Connect

Contact a Rise representative [email protected] or call us at 647 232 RISE (7473).

Also connect with us through Twitter (@riseCAN), Facebook (Rise Asset Development)

To Apply

If you and a group of individuals are interested in applying for our group lending program, you can each fill out our application and email it to [email protected].