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Design Works Business Thinking
Rotman School of Management provides a variety of resources to tackle business problems through Business Design. Find out what it is.

Help for Your Entrepreneur
This website provides resources for entrepreneurs to help start, maintain and grow their businesses.

Mentor as Teacher
This resource explores how mentors can take on the role as teacher when mentoring to help provide instruction.

How to Coach
This resource defines the role of coach and how to coach successfully.

Trust in Mentoring
Trust is complex and multi-faceted. In this resource we simplify it and provide examples of how trust is essential for mentoring success.

Understanding Entrepreneurial Motivation
Explore what motivates entrepreneurs and how mentors can use this to create engagement in the mentoring relationship.

Providing Value in the mentoring relationship
This resource helps make sure the entrepreneur’s answer is "YES".

Tracking success of the mentoring relationship
To measure success you first have to define it. This resource helps mentors set this criteria for the mentoring relationship and track it.

Bridging the generational gaps in mentoring
Feeling the generation gap between yourself and your mentee? This resource will help you develop a toolkit of strategies to help bridge that gap.

Mental Health 101
Looking for an overview on mental health to prepare for mentoring or coaching? Check out CAMH's series for insight to help you prepare.



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