Are you interested in starting or growing a small business?


Eligibility checklist

    1. Do you self-identify as an individual who has experienced mental health and/or addiction challenges?
    2. Can you access bank financing (ie. a loan or line of credit) for your small business?
    3. Do you agree to pay back your loan or other investments?
    4. Do you agree to provide brief progress reports and share financial records?
    5. Do you live in Ontario?
  • Are you in active bankruptcy?
  • Are you behind on your child support payments?
  • Do you owe money to the government?
  • Are you older than 29 years of age?
  • Do you know other entrepreneurs who are also looking for financing for their small businesses? Would like to apply as a group for financing?
  • Do you need a short term loan to purchase a table or booth at a vendor fair (arts festival, food fair etc.) to sell your product or service?

Sorry, you are not eligible for Rise financing.

Please contact us to discuss your financial situation. You may be eligible for our programs.