What We Do

Our Mission

Rise works to empower business owners with access to financing and business support. We recognize the interdependency of financial well-being to one’s overall quality of life. Rise is committed to improving the lives of people who are unable to secure employment due to mental health or addictions challenges.

Our Work

Rise, with the support of the Rotman School of Management and the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH), provides microfinancing and mentorship to men and women living with mental illness and addictions who are interested in pursuing self-employment.

We offer business loans, leases and other investments, based on stage of development, needs and capacity. Rise offers business financing up to $25,000 throughout Ontario, with average initial financing from $3000 to $5,000. Credit is currently at a 3.5% fixed interest rate with all investments secured by the assets of the business (not personal assets).

Rise provides

Type: Loans, Leases, Lines of credits and other financial products
Term: Up to 3 years
Size: Average $3000 - 5000.
Cost: 3.5% fixed interest rate
+ Business mentorship
+ Support

The Process

  • Step 1

    Enter a small business development program to build a business plan.

    - OR -

    Have an established business plan or small business experience.

  • Step 2

    Check your eligibility to receive financing from Rise:

    • Through online questionnaire.
    • Call or email Rise.
  • Step 3

    If you are eligible for financing, fill and submit a Rise application. Include your business plan with the submission.

    • Contact Rise staff if you require help in the process.
  • Step 4

    Meet with a Rise financing officer.

    • Answer all follow up questions and provide supporting documentation as required.